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How to develop a handicapped access ramp

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People build ramps for all kinds of purposes and out of all kinds of materials (i.e., concrete ramps, wooden ramps and skateboard ramps, wheelchair ramps, etc.). Ultimately, the purpose of the ramp will determine the nature of the ramp. But when you build it, you need to keep the 345 triangle in mind for the basic design. Here are some basics regarding the fundamentals of building a wheelchair ramp.

There is no cut and dry rules that determine the slope and the material of your ramp. You need to look at the purpose of the ramp to guide you. If you are looking for standards, look no further than the US disabilities standard. They confirm to the 1:20 rule which prescribes that for every inch of rise, a run of twelve inches is required. The layout and plan is a most important part of building a ramp. One thing that you need to keep in mind is the fact that you need to nail the measurements the first time that you take them. The idea is to make several measurements and a single cut.

Once you finish the layout, it is time to think about the correct procedures in your state. Each state has its own code and building regulations and you need to confer with the local building authority to make sure that you have got it right. For instance, the turnaround platforms need to have footings on all four corners. And you need to place these footings with a spacing of five feet. If your area has a frost line, make sure that you dig the footings at least four inches below the frost line.

Use a Sona tube or any other cone shaped tube and place it into the footing such that a few inches of the tube will be seen above surface. Pour cement into the tube and make sure that the posting wood is soil contact treated. All that needs to be done is to lay the ramp on to the posts and place cross joists at each of the posts.

The wood that you use for the decking also needs to withstand rot. You need to use pressure treated wood to make sure of this fact. The wood may shrink over time as a result the water rum off area is not a big priority here. But you can use nails between the decks for safety and the railings should be as per regulation.

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